Hair Studio


​​Hello and welcome to Crazy/Beautiful Hair Studio, where your hair is pampered and treated by professional stylists to maintain a healthy color and glow.  We promise our services are worth the time and money, and once you experience what Crazy/Beautiful Hair Studio has to offer, you'll dump your box dye in the trash and keep coming back! 

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service to every single client that walks through our door, no matter if it's their first time or their 20th time at the salon.  

Crazy/Beautiful Hair Studio is a proud Sojourn exclusive salon.  You can inform yourself about the Sojourn product line at

​You can follow us on one or all of our social media sites to see our portfolios and to be in the know of what's new with the salon and the staff; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn​.​​

Our hours of operation are:

Sunday         CLOSED
Monday        CLOSED
Tuesday        11am - 7pm
Wednesday  11am - 7pm
Thursday​      11am - 7pm
Friday           11am - 7pm
Saturday      10am - 4pm

*Please note:  We close the salon every third Saturday to give the staff a well deserved long weekend! :)